The goal of the course Creative Programming was to get some experience with Processing and Arduino, but also to build something from scratch without having been given a direction for inspiration. Since I had no prior programming experience, I was glad to find help from friends who did. This course therefore also taught me to ask for help when things are difficult. A valuable lesson, since asking for help has greatly helped my workflow and skills since.
In the course Creative Programming I had my very first programming experience. In the first part of the course I designed this colorful background with moving birds in the program Processing. If one of the birds would change color, pressing any key would trigger the event of making a screenshot and saving it as a pdf. The assignment was to program a picture.
In the second half of this course I designed this cat. As can be seen in the video, the cat could be fed by means of physical controllers. In addition to Processing I used Arduino to communicate between the controllers and Processing. Those were the only requirements and instructions for approaching the assignment that we were given.