From September 2nd 2019 up until the 31st of January 2020 I did my internship at international product development agency MMID. During my time there, I learned many things that I had and had not expected to learn. Amongst many other things, I got to augment my concept developing abilities with skills and knowledge of transforming concepts into prototypes and products, which was my overall goal.

The first two years of my bachelor ID at the TU/e had a rather large focus on developing concepts. Therefore, I wanted to use the first semester of my third year for focusing on transforming design ideas into prototypes or products. In my opinion, having an understanding of the later stages of the design process helps to create more realistic design ideas. Also, learning about the technical possibilities might stimulate new ideas. I wanted to go about this in a real setting, and understand the realistic options within the process of concept to prototype. This knowledge will help me in creating realistic and well-functioning ergonomic designs. 

What I found at MMID in Delft was an internship where I could learn exactly that. I got the chance to work 40 hours per week for five months in a commercial organization where smart decisions are made efficiently to get to the best product possible. Apart from learning about my main goals, I learned about myself as well. That is, I learned what I value in a professional setting and how I would like my future profession. I learned about contacting suppliers and clients, as well as reaching potential future clients though social media. I also grew in my way of working, thanks to the feedback I received from various colleagues. They made me eager to start my professional life.

New skills that I learned at MMID were among others: CAD modeling in SolidWorks, sketching in Adobe Photoshop, validating technical solutions, and creating social media content.