I programmed and build this Morse Translator as part of the course Creative Electronics. The assignment was to build “something” with electronics, no more specific than that. As the video shows, the design translates Morse code to letters on the screen, using both Arduino and Processing. Since both the dots and dashes and the letters would appear on the screen, the Morse Translator is a good way to learn Morse code. Because I like to look for environmental-friendly options and re-use materials, I disassembled previous projects for the electronics and used ice-cream sticks to make the box.

This project taught me various things. For one, I learned how to set up a safe and tidy circuit. Also, I got to practice my programming skills that I learned in the course Creative Programming. Furthermore, since the noises of our piezo reminded me of Morse code, we build a Morse translator that required me to learn Morse code.